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Why pay for a website when there are free alternatives out there?

There are several companies out there who offer free website, even free hosting in some cases.  When it comes to websites, nothing is more right than the saying “You get what you pay for”

Most free options are very limited in what it can do and very soon you realize that you have to pay varios add-ons to be able to use your own Domain Name, Add New Functionalilties, Search Engine Optimization Tools, Backup Options and the list continues.

In the end something you thought was free, suddenly end up costing alot and when you already started on this plaform you many times cant move the site.  You are locked in it and hard to get out of it

When we make your website

We make your website in the most popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla. There are no limitation on plugins that can be installed and we even give you comercial plugins as part of the price.

All tools for Search Optimization , Firewall and Backup tools comes pre-isntalled.

If you at some point want to move your hosting to a different providers, you are totally free to do so as the site can be moved

We even offer support to manage your Website

One thing is to get a new website. Another thing is to manage it and make sure that its updated and optimized so its found on search engines and social media

We offer varios support packets based on your need. You can read more about this here


How to get started


How much does it cost?

A professional website costs from around £649 to £1999(*) based on the size of the website, the features, if it has a shop, if you have graphic designers who has made a very detailed layout plan that has to be followed to the smallest detail.

The best thing is to give us a short description about the website you need, some details about features you want, if you have designers who will create a layout or if its up to use to do that.

We will come back to you with a very competitive price that you are welcome to try to price match

  • If you sign up for our CMS Support packet (1 year rolling) we give you 20% of the final price.
  • If you sign up for our Webmaster agreement (2 years rolling) we give you a 40% discount of the final price

What we need from you?

We will hold a kick off meeting where we discuss the ideas you have and we will create a list together of things we need. If you do not have an old website we can take the content from you would have to supply menu structure, articles and pictures as a minimum.

If you have an old website that just need to be revamped we can do all the work without your involvement if you have no further input.

How long time does it take?

If there are no delays in supplying us with content, we calculate around 14 days. If the project is urgent we can cut this down to about a week but this also require you to be available more or less all the time to resolve any questions quickly and move on


What happens when the website is ready?

When you have given final approval we put the website online. This takes up to 24 hours.

What about Support?

With any website we make, we give 6 months support for free for you to learn to use the website. You can ask any questions and we will create video demonstration on how to do things or good written guidelines

If you prefer not to use time learning all about website maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Picture Cropping, further development and layout adjustments, you can purchase one of our support packets so you can leave all website development or uploads to us

You can read more about our support here

(*) price is meant to be a guidance and complexity of site will determent final price.


Some Websites We have made