Safety-proxy: Get full control of your network has developed a firewall&Proxy solution for schools and companies who want to make sure their network is secure and comply with GDPR.

Networks can be compromised in many ways and having a good Firewall and Proxy is key to detect and stop problems before they occur.

Our SafetyProxy solution comes with a support agreement that is renewed annually and this means we help you install, configure, monitor and resolve issues for you as part of your support agreement.

Some of the features we can configure in Safety-proxy:

  • Virus Scan on all traffic coming in and out of your network
  • Block for Torrent (Few solutions can do this successfully)
  • VPN so you can connect to your network from anywhere in the world
  • Webfilter if needed (eg. schools and care-homes)
  • VLAN to make several virtual networks so Administration and Public net is not on same network
  • Create any Rule to access servers on your network from outside
  • Basic Time-control to close/open net for the different VLAN networks
  • Install Unifi Controller to administer your whole network from this same box
  • The full list of features you can find here


What we help with as Part of the Support:

  • We buy and send you the SafetyProxy and set it up remotely with you
  • We configure firewall based on requests you have
  • We help you create VPN accounts and get it to work for you
  • We can create VLANs and monitor them
  • We install and help you get your Unifi Network Configured and setup
  • We help you with initial trouble shooting around access points and Unifi adoptation
  • We try to help you with basic Network issues and suggestions through the Network itself is NOT supported within this agreement

If you are interested to hear more, book a demonstration meeting here or drop is a mail/ticket on and we will get in touch as soon as possible with more information

Network Setup/Configuration and Support also offers remote installation of a complete new network. How is that even possible?

With todays technonogy the setup is done via logins and configuration and you dont really need to be onsite. We just need a pair of friendly hands to pull cables and plugin them in after instructions we give.
You could save up to 75% of the cost doing it this way.
This Network setup and support is not included in your SafetyProxy Lisence if you have one.

If you do prefer someone to help you onsite we will come or send one of our Local IT Partners (this will be charged seperatly

The process in 8 steps:

  • Contact us and tell us about the size of your buildings and your needs
  • We agree with you if to use SafetyProxy or a more exensive Unifi Dream Machine solition. We go through the advantage of the 2 Firewall system
  • We send you a shopping list and tell you where to buy it
  • We instruct you to pull cables to each Access Point or Switches (a drill is likely all you need)
  • We will ask you for the letter from your Internet Provider so we know the settings
  • Together with you we configure it by you giving us remote access and connect it
  • We configure all devices as you plugin them in
  • Thats it. You dont need to be techincal at all 🙂

If you are interested to hear more, drop us a mail on or Book a Meeting here