NextCloud / Karuny Cloud

Karuny Cloud is an alternative system to Dropbox and One Drive but a much cheaper alternative for those who can manage with less storage but would like to add a lot of users. You pay a license pr Domain instead of each user

Example of Price:
School with 5 in Administration, 10 Teachers and 20 Students = 35 users
Price for up to 40 users with 200GB data storage costs £27 a month
For additional 150GB it costs an additional £10 a month
If you have other specific needs please get in touch and I am sure we can help out

Administration: Very easy. Create user, give permission to folders.. DONE!

Below is a presentation film of the our Karuny Cloud that builds on the Open Source System: NextCloud (Note: Prices and storage prices are the one mentioned here, not in the video)

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