Karuny E-learning Adult Schools (DmM)

Karuny have developed an education portal for schools and institutions who need a platform to deliver online education or qualification courses for your company staff.

The system is based on Moodle, one of the biggest educational community platform on the web. Its highly configurable and can be adapted to nearly any need

The platform has been developed with the aim to implement DmM and allows creation of tasks  within Studies, Courses and Experiences

Apart from a Web Educational Portal, Moodle also has the advantage of a Mobile APP. This same APP can also be used on a standard Windows PC or MAC. This gives the students and teacher an easy overview and it also have the ability to download courses if the participants are not connected to the Internet all the time


What services do we offer?

  • Offer Hosting of your educational program
  • Support in using Moodle
  • Be your Moodle Master (administrator)
  • Build up courses based on Material sent (additional fee)


Some Screenshots

Below you can see some screenshots from the Web Portal and at the end one from the Moodle APP

Try it – Join a Course!

We have created a course with 10 tasks you can do in 1 hour. It goes through all elements of our Platform with example assignments, quiz, fill in missing word tasks etc..

Follow this steps to self enroll as a student:

  1. Click this link to start enrollement
  2. If you don’t have an account, create one.
  3. You get a mail wishing you welcome.
  4. Click the link in the mail. You are now signed in.
  5. For the course “DmM on Moodle – An introduction for teachers” type the self enrollement key “LearnDmM123
  6. You are now enrolled and you can complete the course

What is DMM?

Student centred learning · DMM Method

DmM is a Student centered learning method where students are given more responsibility into his/her own education.
We all learn in different ways and DmM facilitate learning in different speed, levels and through different types of activities


Time wise DmM is divided into 3 areas of activities

Studies – 50% of the time
The student together with the teacher makes a plan on what studies to do at what level. The student do this as self studies with the teacher always available to help


Courses – 25% of the time
The teacher prepare courses within Subjects or General Knowledge about important issues. Courses are inspiring and often involving activities for the students


Experiences – 25% of the time
DmM is valuing the students and the class own experiences as an important part of their learning. Its used to motivate students to try new things, show what they are good at and learn to formulate it in a way that they can see how they learn from it.