Karuny’s Mail Solution


Zimbra is the World’s Leading Open Source Email Collaboration Solution and guess what?

We have it!

Zimbra has all the build in features you would need for your institution or business.
With our Zimbra Suite you get a GDPR compliant mail hosting service hosted on our ServerFarm in Germany.

Our prices are very compatible compared to simular solutions from Gmail and Microsoft. With us you pay $1, £1 or 10DKK pr mail account. Remember also that if you have a hosting plan with us, the first 10 mail accounts are free.
Free accounts has a limit of 2GB, but if you run over, you account will still work but at next billing $0.20, £0.20 or 2DDK is added pr additional GB
If you have any of our Support Packets your mailbox size is Unlimited.

Zimbra Support Panel

Zimbra Features:

Zimbra is a mail suite that comes with all you need to manage your communication. Here are some examples of features

  • IMAP and POP support
  • Works in all email client application
  • Works on Iphone and Android phones Mail Applications
  • Advanced web mail optimized for PC and Mobile
  • Huge list of settings/options available in Web mail
  • Create Mailing list
  • Create Alias
  • Give others access to some folders in your mailbox
  • Online Chat that does not leave the server
  • Additional Spam filter settings
  • PGP integration. Create and use PGP keys from your web mail
    Auto Encrypt/Decrypt
  • Calendar, Share Calendar with different permissions
  • And more…