Big Blue Button Conference & Meeting


As the new normal is to arrange working sessions, meetings, conferences and lessons online, there is a high demand on platforms to facilitate people around the world to work together.  

Big Blue Button is a very good, low banwidth conference and meeting application that is easy to use and it has alot of features to host very professional meetings and lessions

We offer this free for all from March to August 2020 and after that we will ask each company to pay an annual payment of £55 a year. This means you can use it with unlimited lenght, unlimited hosts can register and unlimited number of participands. No limitation!!

We make it simple, so any one can register as Host and  just start meeting without thinking lisence policy.

Some of the features:


  • Create unlimited meeting rooms. You can also reuse them so rooms are always open and available for drop-in sessions
  • Divide your meeting in sub groups for groups discussions
  • Share Screen or Browser Window
  • Upload Presentation
  • Watch film together, pause, talk, resume as you want
  • Voting / Poll system
  • Emoji icons. ex: raising hand, question, not understanding etc…
  • Make any person moderator during meeting
  • Mute all to prevent background noise
  • Interactive whiteboard where all can draw/mark and you can wipe out
  • Record meeting and make it available in the meeting room after meeting. Also you can send mail with link to relevant people
  • Work well on Chrome/Safari on PC and Mobile
  • Integrated with our Moodle E-learning solutions to start conference from within Moodle Activities