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Google Business DAPP Malawi

Google Business is often overseen in relation to promote your side. There are alot of tools available to get a nice presentation on the first page on Google when your business is searched. It gives a professional impression for your visitors and the likelyhood for them to click on your link is higher.

Google Business has moved from just beeing a presentation with a map to include alot of information around your business.

You can post pictures from your work, map, opening times, motto, short presentation contact info and link to your website.

But thats not all...

Now you can also add social media icons to all your channels and you can also create "posts" below the presentation. It will always show your latest post below. It can be a post with a link to an article on your website or it can be to a sign up page for an event.

Its a free tool and it can do you a lot of good in presenting your business professionally and also create more trafic for your website.

If you have a webmaster agreement with Karuny, this is something we do for you. If not you are still welcome to contact us if you need help

Below are 3 usefull links on how to create posts and add social icons to your "My Google Business"


Get started with Google Business. 


How to add social icons:


How to add posts to "Google Business"



Good Luck